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Sommelier Schools In Chicago

The word Sommelier is from a middle French term, saumalier, referring to the person who was in charge of procuring supplies and maintaining the storehouse in the royal household. In today's modern times, a sommelier is focused on the purchasing, storage and serving of wine and beverages in a restaurant. A sommelier is a designated wine steward who possesses expert wine knowledge about fine wines and the best food to complement it.

A sommelier is responsible for different duties such as creation of a wine list, knowing which wines best complement items on the menu, maintaining wines, ordering wines, serving wines and training the restaurant staff about wine. Detailed and extensive knowledge on wine is what makes a good sommelier. Knowledge on grapes used, regions where the grapes were grown, vineyards where the grapes were grown and vintages of wine are important skills that a sommelier must have. Being a sommelier is no easy task. It requires many hours of study and a great deal of experience to obtain both classes and fine wines for tasting. Extensive work in fine dining and studying wines is the main focus at the Sommelier Schools in Chicago. Formal training in wine studies will help you in your aim of becoming a professional sommelier.

What makes a good sommelier? A sommelier should be able to help patrons feel comfortable about ordering and tasting wines. A sommelier will help customers learn how to taste wine and express what they taste by helping them choose wine that is within their budget. A sommelier can learn about diners' tastes by encouraging them to be excited and interested when it comes to trying out wine. Wine suggestions by a sommelier will enhance the flavors of the food served and will make the meal memorable.

Professional Sommelier or Weekend Warrior – Sommelier Schools In Chicago

To be a professional sommelier, one should be trained from the basic fundamentals up to the highest level of Sommelier education. Sommelier Schools in Chicago is the perfect institution for Sommelier training. The International Sommelier Guild is the only Board of Education licensed provider. Start impressing your friends and family with your newfound extensive knowledge on wine. This knowledge can also help you start a lucrative career and earn a high income by working as a sommelier in a top restaurant. Only the International Sommelier Guild Sommelier Schools in Chicago provides various sommelier courses for you to choose from. Contact the only Sommelier Schools in Chicago today, the International Sommelier Guild.

 Sommelier Schools In Chicago - Sommelier School In Chicago

Education and Certification – Sommelier Schools In Chicago

The International Sommelier Guild has its sommelier courses available in 29 U.S. states. These courses provide sommelier training and certification across North America. Aside from the Sommelier Schools in Chicago, there are four locations in China, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Philippines and two new locations in India. Producing over 3,000 certified sommeliers across the globe, International Sommelier Guild is the most internationally recognized organization in the field of sommelier certification.

Anyone who is interested in becoming a sommelier and is looking for nothing but the best training in North America, should contact the International Sommelier Guild near you. Sommelier Schools in Chicago, one of their education centers, is part of the only educational body that can issue Board of Education Sommelier Education.This highly recognized licensure is available from the International Sommelier Guild, which prides itself on the most rigorous and intensive examinations and has an extremely high graduation rate.